Tips (Maid / Nanny)

1.Why you choose our service? 
Having an established and reputable maid agency solve the headaches involved in searching for the right maid is important. We provide fast and good service, before, during and after a successful match has been completed. 


2.How long does it take to find my helper. 
1 to 3 days after your contact. 


3.Where can we take an interview? 
There are 3 options -1. Home 2. Office 3. Skype


4. Do you have a replacement guarantee? 
Yes, we have. In the event a mis-match has occurred, you are able to get a replacement maid to replace the existing maid. We do not charge anything for this service. More Details

5.Can you help us to make contract?
Yes, we can. We can give you a sample of contract to protect both employers and employees.
Download Contract

6. Can you take responsibility for any trouble with our maid and nanny?

We cannot take any responsibility for trouble between family and maid and nanny.
Please check our Limitation of Liability.


7. Can you provide health check and criminal check for them? 
Yes, we can. Please contact us about more details. 

8. Should I overpay my maid's salary?
Well, this can be quite subjective. However, do also bear in mind that the amount of experience your maid has accumulated over the years does make a huge difference. Relevant experiences also do matter when considering how much you should pay your maid. If you did find one already, please treat her well and treasure her as it won't be long that she will grow frustrated of being underpaid and overworked. Eventually, she will request for a transfer and you will end up repeating the whole agonizing process of searching for the ideal maid once again. Remember, what you may be paying more in the short-term, may end up being the wiser choice for the long-term!


9. Can she teach their children or to help them with their homework? 
Please also do not expect the maid/nanny to be a tutor to your children, it's better to have your children taught by qualified tutors. Some parents think that by hiring a maid with a degree, she is capable to teach their children or to help them with their homework. This is definitely not advisable as the maid is trained to be a good housekeeper and not to be a tutor.


10. Can maid work for a professional elderly care? 
If you have an elderly and require the maid to perform tube-feeding, daily injections, etc... Do ensure that the maid has prior experience with respect to these duties that she is supposed to perform, if not, please send her for proper training to equip her with the necessary knowledge to perform her duties well. Please do not expect a maid who have attained caregiver certification in their country as sufficient, the quality of such training may differ from country to country. It's of course better to hire a private nurse or a caregiver who has been certified in Thailand to care for the elderly and let the maid concentrate on the household chores and cooking.

11. How much is standard monthly salary? 
Please check from here. This shows skill / salary clearly in Vietnam.

12. When is the payment date and term? 
End of the month or First of the month. 


13. How about overtime fee? 
50.000 vnd / 1 hour 


14. What should we do for Vietnam Public Holiday? 
Please find list from here


15. How about insurance for our maid/nanny? 
If you would like to provide insurance for your maid, we recommend you to provide it at least after 1 year since you hire. Please directly contact with each insurance company to ask more details. (e.g. AIA - insurance company).


16. How can I succeed the employment process? 
There are 3 important actions to succeed your employment. 
1. Pay reasonable salary 2. Do not make too many rules 3. Encourage them with praise. It is not easy to hire someone from a different country and culture. But once you follow these actions, we are sure that your maid/nanny will be a strong supporter for your family. 


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