Tips (Driver)

1. Why you choose our service? 
 Having an established and reputable driver agency solve the headaches involved in searching for the right driver is important. We provide good service, before, during and after a successful match has been completed.
2. Where can we take an interview? 
 We have 3 options - 1. Home 2. Office 3. Skype   More Details
3. Do you have a replacement guarantee? 
 Yes, we have. In the event a mis-match has occurred, you are able to get a replacement driver to replace the existing driver. We do not charge anything for this service.
4.Can you help us to make contract?
 Yes, we can. We can give you a sample of contract to protect both employers and employees.
Download Contract
5.Can you take responsibility for any trouble with a driver?
 We cannot take any responsibility for trouble between client and driver.
Please check our Limitation of Liability.
6.What if the driver takes illegal action in the working time? 
 If you find your driver take illegal action such as consumption of alcohol and illegal drug while on duty, the following action should be grounds for immediate termination with cause.


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